It all began with Unity's 2017 VR/AR conference in Hollywood.

Working with the Hololens emulator.

Click this, check that box.


Off to Unity Technologies Headquarters.



NYC:  The first headset.



Dell Visor Follies. 

Minimal instructions, basically plug it in...

Nothing happened. What do I do now?


Plug it in again in USB 3.1 port.  Viola!  Up popped the Mixed Reality Portal! My VR adventure was under way! 


These are some test renders offered as demonstrations of 3d modeling and rendering capability. Gliptone has a listing on looking for a 3d interior modeler, so I began modeling a bottling facility based on the google map footprint of the Gliptone Ronkonkoma facility and on images from google image search and social media listings. It is a speculative work in progress.














Microsoft has stolen the lead in innovation from Apple.

I am now developing Unity3d solutions for the Hololens platform.

Here are some screenshots of works-in-progress:




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